My Sóller Solutions; finding professional trades people in the Soller Valley 


....... Are you new to Sóller, or possibly having lived here for a while, you don't know the best professional for the job? Let our team take the hassle out of sourcing reputable tradespeople for you. Check out below the list of jobs and projects we can help you achieve.





My Sóller Solutions makes it as easy as;

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to find the perfect professional 

for your project 

Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact
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How the team at
Sóller Solutions
can help you:


Are you looking for a builder?

If you require the services of a builder: please click the link below. My Sóller Solutions will put your job out to tender with a dozen of the best builders in the Sóller area. 


Do you have a bigger project?


Lawyer, Interior Designer, Residency, Pool cleaner, 

Electrician, Plumber, Cleaner, Gardener, Handyman, Tiler

Plasterer. My Sóller Solutions will source the best person for your requirements.

If your project is bigger and needs an architect, please click on the link below and we will help you take the first step towards finding an architect and builder for your dream home.

Are you looking for any of the following: